Our clients rely on our core competencies whether we facilitate just one aspect of their program or all our integrated services since we offer the best combination of price, quality and services. With more than 170 projects campaign per year and supported by 125 professional employees, who regularly conducted workshops and trainings to improve their expertise.  As a result, our human resources are not more than just staff, but they become our strategic partner. Therefore, when you have promotion in your mind, give us a call and we will take care of the rest.

RedBox has successfully accomplished partnership with clients to conduct all their programs. We will approach our clients by having series of pro-active discussions and certainly giving the best solution for each unique program based on our experience practice, integrated by our customized IT application technology.

RedBox has been involved and specialized with raffle/sweepstakes strategy for more than 18 years. We will work to create an executable sweepstakes/raffle that drive consumers  to Client's websites, generate sales and create a customized database to hit Client's future marketing programs.

We do from A to Z about sweepstakes/raffle. We manage sweepstakes/raffle and its rules as governed by the Ministry of Social affairs, register the programme, draw the winners legally, sending prizes to the winners up to final reporting.

This new business approach is to build business relationship between the principal (manufacturer) with a trader or merchant chain and distribution channel. This services starting from strategy, implementation on the ground up to analytical report as a base recommendation in order to tie long term relationship.

Our experience shows that appropriate strategies and the implementation on Trade Marketing Management can increase sales growth significantly.

This program is intended not only for Client's consumers but also for front-liners, shop keepers, sales agent.  By giving point rewards, it will motivate them to make more sales and purchase and more loyal to Client's  product.

RedBox understands points  rewards should create the ultimate promotional tools, rewarding frequent purchasers and new customers to promote Client's products.

Prizes delivery is managed promptly, accurately, safely and convenient.

It is supported by an integrated Delivery System application (web-based, Android system and Mobile system), for the purpose of tracking and tracing in real time.

We synergy with reliable local courier partner throughout Indonesia.

RedBox's Call Center Agent Management service will assist our Clients to achieve effective call target, valid data target, on going time call and call data target.

RedBox will assure that all incoming and outgoing call be recorded for confidential documentation purposes.